What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a global technology at the heart of all innovative construction industry. Like pieces in a toy construction set, individual BIM models can be combined to create a house, bridge, stadium, or even a whole city. Individual BIM files are gathered into libraries that design teams can use together.

BIMLIB Solutions & Technologies

We seek to revolutionize interactions in the AEC marketplace by rewarding design contributions at all BIM complexity levels and integrating a marketplace for building materials based on design specs.

BIM Content Marketplace

BIM Content Marketplace

A single BIM content distribution platform with metadata translation (provided by bSDD*). Features include: monetization, escrow services, a specialized search and ranking tool, and filtering by expert.

BIMLIB MetaIndex®

BIMLIB MetaIndex®

Our technology for searching and comparing metadata enables users to access all content through a single global platform. Data is collected by indexing and structuring local libraries without changing the data structure.

buildingSmart Data Dictionary

buildingSmart Data Dictionary

Project solutions and related key words will be multilingual. Engineering data will be translated by experts using international professional construction terminology. This will ensure precision and reliability of decisions taken and enable users to rely on the highest quality of the engineering content and, consequently, the whole service.

CAD plugins

CAD plugins

To be able to download objects for any program users will need to install the consolidated plugin. This plugin will make all necessary objects instantly accessible. The app helps find content for all design software suits.

Proof of BIM Content Creation

Proof of BIM Content Creation

Proof that original BIM content has been uploaded by a specific user. Verification that BIM content belongs to design solutions registered on the platform. Control over unauthorized use.

Open Source Core

Open Source Core

The MIT-licensed open kernel of the platform allows anyone to work with BIM content metadata in private secured networks.

AEC Industry & BIM Challenges

Information Fragmentation

There is a large amount of poor-quality BIM content. High-quality BIM content is almost never reused due to a lack of tools for its resale.

Illegal Use

There is no way to collect a legitimate evidence base on ownership rights to BIM content, which leads to illicit use of such content.

Content Search Difficulties

There is an abundance of information stored in an uncontrolled number of local libraries, yet there is no specialized system for searching and indexing BIM content that could aggregate information from a maximum number of sources.

Organization of Local Libraries

There is a lack of free customizable software for the organization of local libraries in both public and private networks that includes the ability to control data transfers to external networks. The development of in-house software solutions is time-consuming, expensive, and requires qualified specialists.

We solve all these problems


BIMLIB has demonstrated its successful development at the international level for over two years. The exponential growth of users, authors, and BIM content is qualitative confirmation of the correctness of the chosen concept: the information modeling environment is becoming a marketplace.

The actual demand for BIM content produced by manufacturers (authors) of building materials, products, and equipment within targeted marketing has confirmed the demand among architects and engineers (users) for components of information models that save time during the development of an investment and construction project in a BIM environment.

140 manufacturers
and over 5,000 users

How it works

Our partners

Saint Gobain
300+ companies


2017 Q1
Launch of BIMLIB Project and marketing campaign.
2017 Q3
Start of investment raising and campaign planning.
2018 Q1
Joining buildingSMART International.
2018 Q3
Working as part of buildingSMART International, searching for partners in key countries.
Registration of BIMLIB LIMITED as an international company, registration of the international BIMLIB trademark, registration of international patent for BIMLIB MetaIndex.
2019 Q2
Official release of the first version of the BIMLIB blockchain platform.
2019 Q4
Opening of operational offices in key countries, protection of users’ rights on demand.
2017 Q2
Exponential growth of the number of BIM content providers (from 20 to 140).
2017 Q4
First revenue, development of international market Access strategy.
2018 Q2
Marketing campaign expansion.
2018 Q4
Roadshow for private qualifies investors. Development of pilot model of the platform without blockchain and its official release.
2019 Q1
End of the investment-raising phase. Launch of operations on the international market.
2019 Q3
Scaling-up of the activities on the international market and launch of the global marketing campaign.

Our team

Ilya Usov

Ilya UsovCEO and co-founder

Maxim Reshetnikov

Maxim ReshetnikovСo-founder

Alexander Ruchyev

Alexander RuchyevСo-founder

Anton Reshetnikov

Anton ReshetnikovChief Financial Officer

Sergey Loveyko

Sergey LoveykoСhief Communications Officer

Evgeniy Karkin

Evgeniy KarkinTech lead at BIMLIB

Victor Enin

Victor EninHead of blockchain and back-end developers team

Dmitry Chirkin

Dmitry ChirkinLegal Support

Miguel Sánchez de Pedro

Miguel Sánchez de PedroAdvisor

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